Women's Group

Women of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church

Ruth Circle
Meets at 2:00PM on 2nd Wednesday of the month
Project: Hope Center in Taylor
   Project of the women of St. John for 2014 is Shephard's Hear in Taylor. Food Itmes of any kind will be appreciated. All ladies of the church are invited tot he Circle meeting. You are encouraged to come and study God's word.

Spring Banquet: Wednesday, May 1st at 6PM Salad supper with program.  Fun time for all.

Used Stamps

Do you get pieces of mail in your mail box that still has a stamp on it? Well if you do bring that stamp up to the church and give it to one of ladies of the womens group. What is the stamp used for? Good question and here is your answer.

The stamps are used by the "Stamps for a Living program at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital".   The program is a stamp reprocessing business that provides the patients with an opportunity to earn a small salary through “meaningful work”, a first step to be able to get back into the everyday life outside the hospital.  Participants in the program remove used postage stamps from paper and sort by country of origin, type of stamp, value, etc.  After stamps are processed, they are repackaged for sale to collectors.  Repackaged stamps are sold individually, in packets or by volume.